Krabi’s tourism is growing

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Krabi is fast becoming one of Thailand’s top destinations and the Thai Civil Aviation Bureau definitely agrees. In fact, tourism has grown so much in the province over the past few years that the airport now receives nearly two million passengers annually, which is massive considering it tends to be most visited from December to June. July to November the province experiences its monsoon season, which can often result in flooding and can be depressing for tourists. This 1Stop Krabi weather guide offers more details on the weather here.

With the recent spike in air passengers the Thai Civil Aviation Bureau has decided to expand the small Krabi Airport so that it can accommodate up to three million passengers per year. The construction is set to start in the New Year, with the hopes of being completed in 2015. Still, although airport traffic has grown there are still a number of other ways to arrive in various destinations throughout the province and this transportation guide details the many options for getting to and around Krabi.

A day trip to the Vegetarian Festival

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On October 4th the annual Vegetarian Festival will kick off in Chinese communities around Thailand. Although Krabi is not known for this festival the province is lucky enough to be within driving distances of the two provinces that are known to have the best Vegetarian Festivals in the country; Phuket and Trang.

This 10 day festival is a colourful event and Krabi visitors should definitely try to spend a day in either Phuket or Trang to eat delicious vegetarian food and watch the street processions, which take place from the 7th onwards. During the street processions you can witness Thais of Chinese decent doing acts of self mortification, such as putting spears through their cheeks and walking on knives. It is believed that the participants are acting as mediums of the gods and that they will be protected from harm.

Getting to Phuket or Trang can be done by bus, taxi, or car hire. To have a look at the bus schedule go to this One Stop Krabi transportation page. To read about festivals taking place around Krabi go here.

A 24-hour facility

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Krabi has become increasingly popular over the years and it is not hard to see why. Its stunning beaches, magnificent natural scenery, and top notch activities make it a place well worth spending time in. And the officials agree. To accommodate this recent spike in the Province’s tourism the airport will soon become a 24-hour facility.

Many visitors opt to arrive into Phuket’s international airport, which offers more flight options. But this has caused some overcrowding issues, so in order to fix this the Krabi Airport will stay open 24-hours a day to accommodate more flight activity and its growth in tourism. In the last high season the Krabi Airport served 20 per cent more passengers than the previous year, and the director is expecting even more this coming high season. There has also been spike in the arrivals over the low season.

Currently the airport is open from 6:30 to 21:30 but does support private jets and charter aircrafts after throughout the night. During regular operating hours flights arrive from Bangkok, Koh Samui, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. More details on the Krabi Airport can be seen on this One Stop Krabi transportation guide.

Don’t let the weather put you off

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It has been raining hard in Krabi, with violent storms causing flooding last month and well into this month. However, this should not stop you from visiting Krabi at this time, as it is still a beautiful place to relax and unwind and between the bursts of rain are some sunny days.

During the wet season nearly all hotels in Krabi offer ridiculously cheap rooms, so a luxurious hotel that may be out of your budget in the dry season can be snatched up for a steal, making it an affordable place to have a holiday. As well, during the monsoon season the beaches all over the province clear out, meaning you can have the beach all to yourself. Even busy Ao Nang is quiet throughout the monsoon season.

Although it is wet at the moment it is also still quite hot, with rain being at its heaviest throughout the night. This means that holidaymakers can still enjoy beautiful Krabi in the day time when there will be plenty of bursts of sunshine.

For a detailed guide on the weather in Krabi go to One Stop Krabi’s weather guide.

Krabi’s colourful markets

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Krabi’s colourful markets are something that all visitors to the province should definitely check out and these can be found both on the mainland and on popular islands, such as Phi Phi and Lanta. Markets are a way of life in Thailand and a great way for visitors to mingle with the locals and get an insight to the local culture.

Krabi town’s morning market, known as the Maharat Market, is one of the biggest markets in the south of Thailand. This market is not for the night owl, as it starts at the very early hours of the morning, with the best time to arrive being around 7am. This colourful market is where the locals shop for fresh food, though there is also a section of prepared breakfast food that should not be missed. The night market in Krabi Town is a great place to shop for local handicrafts and cheap clothing as well as being the best place to try a variety of Thai street food. There are over 70 food stalls here, selling everything from sweets to somtam and sticky rice.

Not as big but equally as colourful is the Phi Phi market that takes place between 11am and 1pm. This market can be found in the centre of Ton Sai and for some reason is not very popular among visitors. Visit at lunch time and enjoy delicious and cheap food that is cooked on the spot. If you are on Koh Lanta, don’t miss the Sunday Market in Old Town Lanta. This market starts at around 3pm and is a great place for an afternoon stroll. Buy a skewer of pork, fried chicken or a donut along the way.

For more information on shopping in Krabi have a look at this 1Stop Krabi guide.

Low-key Ko Siboya

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Off the regular tourist track is the extremely tranquil Ko Siboya. This small island is just off of the coast of Laem Hin and is an ideal island for just kicking back and relaxing. You won’t find any dive shops here or even the nicest beaches, but you will find lots of friendly faces and a low-key lifestyle.

There are no paved roads here, but this doesn’t seem to faze the locals that go about their daily lives. Tourism is not a major source of income on the island, so you will never be pestered by tailors, tuk-tuk drivers and the like. Instead you can sit in a coffee shop and watch the locals go about their business, read a book in a hammock or paddle around in a kayak.

Bamboo bungalows make up the majority of the accommodations on this sleepy island, though visitors that want a bit more comfort can opt for a concrete room. Home stays can also be arranged for those wanting a more authentic experience.

If you are looking for a more lively destination in Krabi visit 1Stop Krabi for some tips.

A rugby day trip

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Rugby fans visiting Krabi next week are in luck, as Phuket will be holding its annual Phuket International Rugby Tens tournament. An advert for the event can be seen here. This two day tournament is taking place on May 25th and 26th at Phuket’s Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club and makes for an exciting day trip out of the province.

This is the 15th year that the tournament is being held and it is hosted by the Phuket Vegabonds, who will also be competing for the trophy. Other teams that will be competing this year include last year’s champions the Moorabin Rams from Australia as well as favourites the Wanderes from Singapore and the Asian Japanese Dragons. This year there will also be a few first timers, including the Jakarta Komodos and the Alor Star Blues.

The tournament is not only exciting but also for a good cause. For the 11th year in a row all funds raised at the Phuket International Rugby Tens will be given to the Asia Center Foundation, a foundation that schools underprivileged children in Phuket.

The drive from Krabi town to the Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club in Phuket is only around two hours by car and information on car rentals can be seen here. If you would rather drive to Phuket, look at this updated bus schedule on One Stop Krabi’s transportation guide.

Koh Lanta, an unspolied gem

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Escape the tuk tuks, girly bars and markets and head to Ko Lanta, one of Krabi’s unspoiled gems. Ko Lanta is much more low-key than beaches on the mainland and then the popular Koh Phi Phi, making it the perfect place to kick back, relax and unwind.

Like Koh Phi Phi, Ko Lanta does not have much in terms of infrastructure, although it is the biggest island on the province. Here, visitors can escape reality and live a life of tranquillity, well at least until the holiday comes to a halt. It is the place to go to for escaping parties, but has a handful of great beach bars to relax in and watch the sun go down or drink until dawn.

If you do feel like getting up and doing something the island offers plenty of activities, including sea kayaking, snorkelling and fishing. Ko Lanta also has plenty of natural sights to see, like the Khao Mai Kaew Caves, the Orchid nursery farm and the Sea-Gypsy Village, or spend an afternoon wandering around Lanta Old Town visiting temples, art galleries and local shops.

There are a number of fabulous beaches on Ko Lanta, and choosing the right one is the hardest decision one will make when planning a trip here. After that life on Ko Lanta is pretty easy.

Read more information on the island and its various beaches on this One Stop Krabi guide.

Stunning Ko Ngai

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There are heaps of stunning untouched islands in the Andaman Sea and 132 of these belong to Krabi Province. Most of these are much less travelled than some of the more built-up islands in the province, such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta and are a great place to head to escape the crowds and modern day lifestyle. One of these islands in Ko Ngai, which is actually more accessible from Trang than it is from Krabi.

Ko Ngai is a small picturesque island that boasts long white sand beaches and clear water. It is surrounded by magnificent coral reef that is ideal for snorkelling, while its interior is made up of lush tropical forest that is great for hiking and bird watching. This is the perfect place to relax on a stunning beach and forget about all of your woes back home.

The best way to get to Ko Ngai is via Trang, where boats run from Pak Meng Pier. Once on the island you will find no roads or cars, just tranquillity and natural beauty. Buses leave for Trang every 45 minutes between around 06:30 and 19:00, making it very easy to access the stunning island. For more information on getting to Trang from Krabi look at this One Stop Krabi transportation guide.

Child-like fun

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Krabi is famed for its stunning natural scenery and activities that enable visitors to explore the scenery and landscaped that make it such a popular tourist destination. But there are other things to do here that have nothing to do with the province’s pristine nature, such as go karting.

The Krabi Kart Speedway is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and as well as offer go karting is also home to a paintball park. Those wanting to spend an afternoon of pure child-like fun will feel right at home at this exciting attraction.

There is a selection of go karts available for use, from safe double seat karts that are suitable for children to racing karts that are for the most advanced go karter. If paintball is more your thing than get geared up and spend the afternoon at war with your friends.

The Krabi Kart Speedway is open daily from 09:30 to 19:00 and is just 10 minutes away from Ao Nang. If you purchase two or more tickets than they will come and fetch you at your hotel free of charge.

If you are looking for other things to do in Krabi this One Stop guide has loads of information and tips.

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